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There are two sides to international mobility. The technical process of it on the one hand and supporting people on the other. Expat Communication is focusing on the human aspects of mobility. We tailor-make solutions to prepare and personally coach expatriates, sent by assignment by international companies.

Sabine David and Corinne Tucoulat created Expat Communication in 2001, after their return from a long-term expatriation. Their aim is to show new expats the way to a successful expatriation, on all levels. The pillars of their brand are premium support services and a close and sound partnership with their clients.
Alix Carnot and Stephanie Merlant took over the lead of Expat Communication in 2017. Their vision is to expand our offer, whilst guaranteeing that the human touch remains a central focus in all our coaching. (Link to the video) Since 2016, our activity has grown 30%.

Our beneficiaries
Employees, expatriates or impatriates, their accompanying spouses and in some cases their children. We also offer trainings dedicated to the executives in charge of handling international mobility programs.

Our experts from the Expat Lab carry out large scale surveys and inquiries on the topic of international mobility. They publish guidebooks on expatriation. This knowledge feeds the content of our programs. It is also advertised in the press and shared by companies during various conferences and masterclasses.

Two websites for one community
This unique expertise is compiled across two websites: expatvalue.com, about careers in expatriation, and femmexpat.com, the web magazine for female expatriates. Practical content and testimonials, networking and support feeds for mutual assistance, are here to support and follow expatriates during their entire mobility. Our Expat Premium Club provides a range of special offers, online assistance and a private directory to members.

Personalized coaching
We train and support expatriates on three specific areas: transition (preparing for relocation and return), international career and intercultural challenges. What makes our coaching programs different: tailor-made solutions, based on our expertise and care for our clients. Always caring as well as practical and realistic.

A globalized coaching network
All the support we provide is driven by our trainers of the Coach Academy. This is a network of coaches across the globe, who are selected, trained and overseen by Expat Communication. They will offer help to your employees and their families all around the world, face to face or through remote solutions.
E-learning options are continually gaining ground. But regarding international mobility, our DNA remains a deep focus on the human aspect.

A personalized and thorough process
Our clients are followed by a dedicated specialist. Each expatriate is welcomed in a caring and friendly atmosphere. A satisfaction evaluation is done at the end of each program. To share progress with our clients, we put in place a periodic system for reporting.


Together, we care for Expats 

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