Welcome Return from expatriation Job Booster Cocoon : Corinne from France
30 June 2019


Since 2014, the Job Booster Cocoon has been bringing together teams of 10 to 12 expatriate spouses, French returnees or foreigners arriving in France. Their weekly meetings allow everyone to define and implement their project in a warm and motivating atmosphere.

We interviewed four participants from four different countries about their experiences. Here you will find Corinne's testimony, she is from France and she found a job thanks to the Job Booster CocoonCorinne Marquis has just returned to an Office Manager position after two expatriations in India and Japan. She stayed at the Job Booster Cocoon for nine months. 

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Maggaly Reid Colombian 

Yu-Hsuan Liu Taïwanese

Elissa Swift, American 


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