Welcome Career programs Launching of Expat Communication Coach Academy
26 January 2021

Today, the Coach Academy is launching the first Expat Communication coach training session!
Six certified coaches, selected according to rigorous criteria, and based in different countries, will meet for 7 training modules. Based on years of experience in Expat Coaching, and the expertise of Expat Communication's Expat Lab, the training provides ethical, human and realistic coaching practice. Our values are shared by our coaches: welcome, kindness, respect, audacity, rigour and pragmatism.

For this, the Coach Academy benefits from an experienced team of trainers, with many years of experience in Expat Coaching and happy to share its knowledge with new members.
Our objective has always been to privilege the quality of our relationships with our coachees. Formalizing the training of our coaches is essential to preserve the quality of the service offer in a global context, but which must remain human above all.

At the end of this training, the Expat Communication Coach Academy certification will allow our new coaches to take care of your expatriate employees and their spouses in their home country.

Welcome to the Expat Communication network:

Pascale Liroy in Buenos Aires (Brazil),
Sistine Gontier in Saratoga (California)
Anna Caillat in Saratoga, California
Yuko Deneuville in Melbourne, Florida.
Clotilde Boyer in Cherbourg (France),
Juliette Potin in Lyon (France),
Next promotion: November 2019 for EMEA and Asia.


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