Welcome Family, kids and teens Interview: E de Tournemire, international school offer director for IDF region
04 November 2019

Schooling of expatriate children: how can the Île-de-France region help you?

Offering schooling solutions for the children of expatriates is a major challenge for the Île-de-France region and its attractiveness. Meeting with Emmanuel de Tournemire, coordinator of the international school offer in Île-de-France. 

Hello Sir and thank you for your time. Could you explain to us how the Île-de-France Region participates in international school projects? 

The three Île-de-France academies, in collaboration with the Region and local authorities, are continuing their efforts to intensify the international school offer in order to meet the needs of all families, first of all to develop the language offer for all Île-de-France students, but also obviously to meet the expectations of families wishing to settle in Île-de-France, whether they are French returning from expatriation or foreign. 

A European School, for example, has just opened its doors in Courbevoie. It prepares students for the European Baccalaureate in two language sections (English and French). It is public and completely free of charge.

Two new international high schools are also planned by the Region: one will open in Palaiseau in September 2021, another in Vincennes in September 2023. These high schools will complement the international school offer of elementary and middle schools. 

In addition to the public offer, we are now aware of projects to expand or create new private schools, which will help to enrich this school offer in the coming years. 

What already exists in the field of international education in Île-de-France
● 23,000 students are enrolled in an international curriculum in the Île-de-France region. 
● 90 schools offer international sections in 17 languages and thus prepare students for the International Option of the French Baccalaureate.
● 25 institutions offer bi-national sections preparing for a double delivery of the French baccalaureate and the German (ABIBAC), Spanish (BACHIBAC) or Italian (ESABAC) bac diploma.
● 1 European School offers two language sections (French and English) and delivers the European Baccalaureate.
● More than 40 international private institutions prepare students for foreign diplomas (British IGCSE and A-level, American High School Diploma, German Abitur...) or international diplomas (International Baccalaureate).
● A bilingual online interactive guide to international school provision in the Île-de-France region: https://internationaleducation.parisregion.eu 

How to get corporate foundations to join in the construction of a new international high school? 
It's a difficult question. Corporate foundations are not directly involved in the construction of public institutions. Today, they have two options. They can be involved in public/private partnership programmes around education, within the framework, for example, of the campus des métiers et des qualifications, run in partnership between national education and the Île-de-France region.
Companies can also participate in the financing of projects for new private schools providing international education. 

Do you know if any particular companies are involved in funding partnerships with private schools?
This is really a question to be analysed on a case-by-case basis. Each project is based on a specific balance and companies are an important partner. 

Do participating companies have the assurance of obtaining places for their employees?This possibility is not available for public schools, since they are completely free of charge and companies do not participate in their financing. On the other hand, it can be considered with private schools according to their own model. 
The best way for a company that wants to secure places for the children of its expatriate employees is to contact us directly. We will connect them with schools that can meet their needs.

If companies cannot find an option, can they contact your services?
The Choose Paris Region regional attractiveness agency and the three Île-de-France academies have set up an interactive online guide to reference institutions providing international education. A specific e-mail address has also been put online to follow up on questions asked by families. We are also the entry point for companies looking for educational solutions in Ile-de-France. They should not hesitate to contact us. Together we will look at the possible options and help them find places according to their needs.   

E-mail address: ce.contactinternational@ac-versailles.fr 

It should be noted that the national education system has a specialized service to support non-French-speaking students (allophone students) upon their arrival. The educational units for incoming allophone students (UPE2A) allow the students concerned to be enrolled in a regular class, while benefiting from reinforced instruction in French as a second language, according to their needs and their linguistic and language skills. An initial needs assessment is carried out and an individualised reception plan is drawn up in consultation with the family.

To know : Skills for education in France 

● The Ministry of National Education and Youth in charge of programmes and general organization.
● The rectorships in charge of the organization in the field in the 21 academies.
● The municipalities in charge of primary education.
● Departments in charge of lower secondary education (middle school). 
● The regions in charge of upper secondary education (high school).

Thank you Sir for all this information. 

If you want to know more, listen again our online conference "How to find a place in an international school for my child in Paris? "on Monday, November 4, 2019. 

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