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Living conditions and health

Expat Communication's eighth 2021 barometer survey highlights the level of expatriates' satisfaction about their living conditions.


A rising level of satisfaction : 

In a health context that is still complicated from one country to another, expatriates rated their satisfaction on 13 themes according to their host country.

They actually represent 3 points more compared to the 2019 study on the same criteria. (Expat Communication expatriation barometer).

Despite " challenging constraints to travel ", the Covid does not seem to have affected the overall perception of living conditions.

- Accessibility from the country of departure remains the theme that most satisfies the expatriates with a level of 78/100, which is very positive given the numerous border shutdowns during this year.

-Security is in second position with a satisfaction rate of 76%. Housing conditions (75%) and whether (71%) complete the top 4. 

Safety is the most important stake, but health is also a priority :

-Placed in second place in terms of expatriates' satisfaction, safety would be the main obstacle to 31% of them.

-A concern that is far ahead of access to healthcare : only 10% of expatriates mention access to health care as the number one reason for giving up an expatriation.

Nevertheless, health is essential, and its level of importance is 86 on a scale of 1 to 100, yet it is ranked as the top 3 most important criteria for them.

Access to qualitative healthcare is a priority for 94%. Similarly, being able to access a satisfactory level of medical equipment for 91%. Regarding different medical specialities in their country of expatriation for 88% remain more important than the price of care.

Health : a matter of vigilance Although access to healthcare is the most important criteria for expatriates, it is far from meeting their expectations. Expatriates' level of satisfaction regarding access to healthcare is in 10th position, with only 59% of respondents globally satisfied and 23% not satisfied. Expatriates attach great importance to health care but are not pleased with it.



Jean-Christophe Pandolfi, CEO of santexpat.fr and broker of international health insurance, sheds light on this apparent contradiction :


« The cause of this low satisfaction is related to information issues.

It is therefore necessary to put it in place at all stages of expatriation:

It is important to seek information on the different types of medical coverage, especially in a context of high inflation of healthcare coasts (up to 50% in the United States in 2022).

It is essential to plan specific preparation for expatriation on health issues in order to understand how the host country's healthcare system works.

As how to make an appointment with a general practitioner, or a specialist?

What are the right reflexes in case of an accident? What are the traps to know for French people used to the strong health care system in their host country?

Am I covered when I leave my host country?

During expatriation, information about the host country's health system is literally vital.

Access to teleconsultation services in the expatriate's native language can be provided.

This can apply both as an initial consultation and as a second medical opinion to better express the symptoms and understand the diagnosis as well as the treatment.

The expatriate can thus remain within a known framework; with a prescription specially written  for the country of expatriation. »


Living conditions remain one of the elements when choosing a country of expatriation.

Nevertheless, they are not the only criteria to be taken into account. Expatriates responded throughout the year on the other points : "when chosen, expatriationcan only be a wonderful human experience ».

To wrap up this great 2021 journey, plenty of analysis about the impact that the expatriation has on life and career, a last question is now online and is directly linked to our health situation : Expats, how are you feeling today ? Please find the link to our last 2021 survey here.

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Sabine Garnier-Posez

After studies and a professional career in economics and accounting, Sabine expatriated with her family, first to Morocco, Brazil, Germany and is now in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Sabine joined Expat Communication as Project Manager of the Expatriation Barometer.

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