Survey n°3 : The expatriation package

A departure abroad often leads to an update of the employment contract whatever the status of the employee. Whether expatriates leaves as a seconded employee of a company, on a local contract or with an expatriation contract, a package can be offered to him/her.

  • What about the package today ?
  • When is it still indispensable and unavoidable for a departure abroad ?
  • Should it compensate or encourage ?

Without going into the details of the package, we are interested in its role in the expatriation process and decision.

What do expatriate think about it ?

This is the theme of our 3rd expatriation barometer survey

To find out more about the expatriation barometer, follow this link.

  • Please feel free to forward this link to anyone who is experiencing expatriation or preparing for it. The more feedback we receive from expatriates, the more accurate and convincing our study will be. 
  • The questionnaires are available in French or English, from your computer, tablet or phone. 
  • The questionnaire lasts about 5 minutes.
  • Rest assured, your answers are treated confidentially, and if you wish to receive the results directly or the links for our future surveys, you will be redirected at the end of the questionnaire to a second link to guarantee the anonymity of your answers to our survey.

Your participation is essential, thank you in advance for taking the time to respond. 

Together, we care for international talents

Sabine Garnier-Posez

After her studies and a professional career in economics and accounting, Sabine moved with her family, first to Morocco, Brazil, Germany and now in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Sabine is part of Expat Communication as Project Manager of the Expatriation Barometer.


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