Results of the survey n°3 : The expatriation package

The notion of package applies more specifically to employees sent on expatriation by their company.

The package includes all the financial elements and services intended to accompany the employee's international mobility.

What is its usefulness and what are the elements to take into account for the company and the employee ? These are the questions that 434 expatriates answered from April 3 to 30, 2021. A qualitative survey to determine if this package is really essential. More than 650 verbatims from employees in 69 countries and on 5 continents were used to refine this analysis.

 A first observation: the package meets two essential needs for employees : the need to compensate and to maintain the standard of living.

"To compensate for the financial efforts required for the move, the difference in standard of living, the returns to be expected... To motivate the expatriation. "

Certain costs would not be incurred for the same position in the home country. When the expatriate is transferred by his company, he considers that this transfer must be accompanied by compensation for these "new costs". Similarly, the absence of a second salary for couples is a loss of earnings, a renunciation of income. In the minds of expatriates, the package aims to compensate for these additional costs and loss of income.

"To cover the additional costs related to expatriation"

"To compensate for the difficulty of choosing to live in a country different from one's own / loss of spouse's job / loss of family and friends / to ensure a comparable standard of living"

"To compensate for the distance and the salary of the spouse"

Secondly, it also appears that the expected compensation is not only financial, since the geographical distance but also the family distance is at the heart of the comments of expatriates posted abroad.

"To compensate for the inconvenience of being away from home and also for administrative and logistical support in foreign language countries

"Because you are far from your family and country, and you need to be able to return."

For all these reasons, 56% of expatriates affirm that the content of the package was a determining factor in their choice and decision. The most important element is the quality of the support and services cited by 68% of them.

The expatriating company ensures the safety of the employee and his/her family by guaranteeing quality care once in the expatriation country.

" To reassure on the support of the company in the risk taken by the expatriate " 

Expatriation is an " adventure departure " with a " safety net " for these employees who benefit from an expatriation package.

Sensitive to the quality of the support, expatriates are nevertheless anchored in a logic of compensation. A balance that is difficult to guarantee if one remains on a purely financial level.

How can we broaden the perspective, by integrating the personal gains linked to expatriation and in particular the skills acquired through mobility ? See you in June to study this subject with the 5th survey of our barometer.

For now, the subject is open until May 31 and is a hot topic : return from expatriation, should I stay or should I go ? 

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Sabine Garnier-Posez

After her studies and a professional career in economics and accounting, Sabine moved with her family, first to Morocco, Brazil, Germany and now in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Sabine is part of Expat Communication as Project Manager of the Expatriation Barometer.


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