Welcome Spouse Job Booster Cocoon : Review and Prospects
18 July 2019

Job Booster Cocoon: Prospects for 2020

The Job Booster Cocoon is an international job search group, developped by Expat Communication. Since 2014, the Job Booster Cocoon Paris has been bringing together teams of up to 6 expatriate spouses all over the world. Their weekly meetings allow everyone to define and implement their project in a warm and motivating atmosphere.

Here is another view of: 

  • The main trends that emerge this year from Job Booster Cocoon Paris, where three programs have followed one another.
  • Five testimonies in five languages.
  • Outlook for our job search groups for 2020.

Major trends for 2019-2020

The adventure continues, with as much involvement on the part of the members, conviction on the part of the client companies and passion on the part of the coaches.

Quantitatively, the results are as follows:

  • A slight increase in the number of participants (three groups launched over the period)
  • More and more men and non-French-speaking people,
  • A job search duration that is constantly decreasing, thanks to increasingly efficient processes, of course, but above all, thanks to a structural improvement in the job market for executives in 2019. The 2020 results will obviously show an increase inthe job search duration..

The profiles remain extremely varied: "fast trackers" with very linear routes, people very far from employment, others with incredible experiences. If the most classical profile remains that of women with a management degree and communication experience, we also welcome artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and even this year a lyrical singer. The facilitator's art is to coordinate these sometimes divergent objectives until everyone has defined and implemented their project. The magic of the Job Booster Cocoon is also to create solidarity and friendship, to break loneliness and restore trust.


Fives testimonies in fives languages
We interviewed five participants from five different countries about their experiences. Here are in the videos, put in order of arrival in the program:

Corinne Marquis, French, who has just returned to an Office Manager position after two expatriations in India and Japan. She stayed at the Job Booster Cocoon Paris for nine months. 

Then, Elissa Swift, American, consultant in the field of health economics. Elissa has been in Paris for less than a year and her job search is coming to a successful conclusion.

In addition, Maggaly Reid is Colombian with extensive experience in the United Kingdom. She had been in Paris for 5 years, but her husband's contract has just been extended. She has therefore benefited from the Job Booster Cocoon Paris since May to find a position in architecture and found a job in July. 

Yu-Hsuan Liu, a Taiwanese from Shanghai, has just joined the program. She is looking for a position as an evaluator in perfume (fine fragrance).

Finally, the testimony of Siddarth Mehra of Indian origin who has been living in France for a year, he has benefited from the Job Booster Cocoon Paris training and has torn up his job in France.

September 2020, a reshaped and digitalized program

Thanks to the launch of our Expat Communication Coach Academy, and to respond to the needs related to the Covid crisis, the Job Booster Cocoon has been profoundly rethought.

It has been restructured into 7 new modules, each designed by a specialized coach.

Two phases follow one another: during 4 months, an intensive coaching twice a week allows the group to make a skills assessment and to define a project. Then a weekly follow-up of 6 months allows to follow the coachees during their job search.

But most importantly, the program now takes place in videoconference, or in person. It is accessible from anywhere in the world. Two coaches co-lead each of the modules, with the occasional support of experts for the most technical subjects. The coaching platform provides access to tutorials, videos, and online exercises. The work between sessions is intense and very structured.



Next sessions : Nov 11 and Jan 13.

To register, contact beatrice.jullien@expatcommunication.com


With the launch of our Expat Communication Coach Academy, another session of the Job Booster Cocoon has just begun in San Francisco!

Learn more about le Job Booster Cocoon.


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