Welcome Spouse Job Booster Cocoon: results and testimonials
05 January 2021

Job Booster Cocoon : job search group for expatriates all over the world

Digitized, global, shortened, and as user-friendly as ever, the new Cocoon Job Booster was launched in September 2020... Groups start every month. The number of places is limited to 6 people per session. Anyone who has followed his or her spouse on expatriation, or returning from expatriation, is welcome, provided that they can follow the program in French or English. 

Since 2014, the Job Booster Cocoon brings together expatriates wishing to pursue their career in their new country or upon return to their home country.

Their weekly meetings allow each person to define and implement their project in a warm and motivating atmosphere. Regularly, informal afterworks bring together current and alumni members to network, exchange good deals, and above all for the joy of getting together among expatriates who share the same experience of international mobility.

We therefore present you here :

  • The results of the year 2019-2020
  • Five testimonials in five languages.
  • The outlook for our job search groups for 2021

Results for 2019-2020

Quantitatively, the results are as follows:

  • A slight increase in the number of participants (three groups launched over the period)
  • More and more men and non-Francophones,
  • A job search time that will continue to decrease until 2019, thanks to increasingly efficient processes, of course, but above all, thanks to a structural improvement in the job market for managers. It is therefore logical to expect an upturn in 2020/21.

The profiles remain extremely varied: "fast trackers" with very linear career paths, people with very diverse employment backgrounds, others with amazing experiences. While the most classic profile remains that of women with a management degree and communications experience, we also welcome artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and even this year a lyric singer. The art of the facilitator is to move forward together these sometimes divergent objectives until everyone has defined and implemented his or her project. The magic of the Cocoon Job Booster is also to create solidarity and friendship, to break the solitude and restore trust.

Discover four testimonials from different backgrounds

We interviewed four participants from four different countries about their experiences. Here are in the videos, put in order of arrival in the program : 

Corinne Marquis, French, who has just returned to an Office Manager position after two expatriations in India and Japan. She stayed nine months at the Job Booster Cocoon Paris.




Maggaly In addition, Maggaly Reid is Colombian with a long experience in the UK. She had already been in Paris for 5 years, but her husband's contract having been extended she was able to benefit from the Job Booster Cocoon. She finally found a salaried position in an architectural firm.. 




For her part, Yu-Hsuan Liu, Taiwanese, arrived from Shanghai. After searching in vain for a job as a perfume evaluator (fine fragrance), she realized that she would need additional training to convince the French recruiters. She is currently at Essec.




Finally the testimony of Siddarth Mehra, Indian and settled in France for 1 year, he benefited from the Job Booster Cocoon Paris fromation and found his job after facing strikes in Paris and the coronavirus crisis.



The next sessions in 2021

For this new year, registrations are open until January 18, 2021 for the first session on February 1. Then a second group session will be scheduled for February 27, 2021.

All dates for future sessions here

The number of places is limited to 6 per session. Anyone who has followed his or her spouse to Paris, either on expatriation or returning from expatriation, is welcome, provided they can follow the program in French or English.

To register, contact beatrice.jullien@expatcommunication.com

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