27 April 2021

Masterclass given in French only

Philippe Rosinski is a world leader in the field of executive coaching, executive team coaching and international leadership development. His innovative approach to coaching, which consists of taking into account an essential intercultural dimension, has made him a world-renowned expert in the field.

Philippe Rosinski is the founder of Rosinski & Company, an international network for developing the skills of managers, teams and organizations. He is also the author of « Coaching Across Cultures » and « Global Coaching »  as well as the COF (Cultural Orientations Framework) assessment.

New format for the year 2022

 The masterclass will be held on march 22, 23, 24, 2022 and will offer 14 face-to-face and 7 distance learning places.

There are two levels of certification, each with specific requirements and ICF Accreditation : 


  • After completing the 6 half-day program, you will obtain the COF Certification.
  • You will be able to use and administer the COF online assessment.
  • You will be invited to join the group of LCAC alumni

Accreditation by ICF (International Coach Federation) : 21.25 CCE hours incl. Core Competencies 19.5 CCE hours. Resource Development 1.75 CCE hours. 


  • After obtaining the COF Certification, you will have the possibility - at no additional cost - to become COF Master Certified.
  • You will be invited to join the group of LCAC Masters.
  • You will essentially need to use successfully the COF assessment in a substantial client project (e.g., one intercultural team coaching, five individual intercultural coaching).

Accreditation by ICF (International Coach Federation) 26.75 CCE hours incl. Core Competencies 16.5 CCE hours. Resource Development 10.25 CCE hours. 

The training was based on the bestseller "Coaching Across Cultures" written by Philippe Rosinski and recommended by the Harvard Business School.
In addition, this training was given in 2020 at the University of Cambridge in its English version !  
Internationally renowned and applauded around the world, the training allows :

  • To be certified in the COF assessment : www.COFassessment.com
  • Develop relational flexibility and creativity by integrating alternative cultural perspectives and overcoming one's own cultural limitations. And, as a leader or coach, lead others to deploy them.
  • Develop group cohesion and individual commitment by building unity in diversity and learning to value differences.

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