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Together, we care for EXPATS

Coaching employee, spouse and couple


Coaching Spouse Couple Employee expat communication

Personal and flexible support tailored to the situation and needs, to help the expatriate adapt and integrate with greater ease, ensuring a successful expatriation experience at a personal, family and professional level.

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Employee, spouse, couple.



  • coaching for departure, preparing the conditions for successful expatriation
  • coaching for taking on a position in an international environment
  • coaching for the return from expatriation, leveraging the experience abroad, reintegrating within the home country


  • coaching for departure, preparing the conditions for successful expatriation
  • coaching to assist integration into a new country
  • professional coaching to define a new project, adapt professional activity to the new local context, find work
  • coaching to facilitate the return from expatriation, bounce back, and find a personal and professional project once back in the home country

Couples :

  • coaching to assist with decision making, making the right choices together before departure and when returning from expatriation



  • attentive listening, open and respectful
  • a personal 360° review to explore what drives the expatriate and what could hold back the project, identifying limiting attitudes and defining objectives to be reached
  • a jointly developed action plan, exploring ideas and concrete solutions, highlighting your strengths and any further skills need
  • support during the transition , followed by implementation of actions, constructive feedback and adjustment of your strategy until you reach your objectives



Coaching sessions are held in our offices in Paris or by skype, in English or in French. The number of sessions is determined with the client depending on the needs.


Corinne Tucoulat, Claire Aladel, Olivier Berthelot, Nathalie Tirard, Anne-Marie Machet, Bénédicte de Langre.

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