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Conferences Expat Communication


Conferences Expat Communication

Our conferences are available in French and English.

Conferences topicsOur main conference TOPICS are  :

Dual careers, international careers, expatriate spouse/partner careers

Preparing for  expatriation, Expatriate women, Expatriate families

Transforming the relationship with expatriates

Research results on new international mobility trends for HR managers

Expat Communication Conference audienceOur AUDIENCE :

HR and mobility managers, management boards, employees, spouses, students, general public.

Expat Communication ConferencesOur CONFERENCES  :

IDCN - Network and CareerIDCN

Network and Career


IDCN - Preserve your energyIDCN

Preserve your energy & self confidence during your job search

FIGT - ConferenceFIGT

What it takes to manage dual careers abroad

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Alix Carnot
Head of Expat Intelligence and International Careers