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Together, we care for EXPATS




Together we care for expats

This is our motto which has emerged as a result of lasting partnerships with national and international corporates with whom we share values.

HR and international mobility professionals are confronted with a triple challenge:

– Select the best skills, build and make loyal the pool of international corporate talent.

– Respond to personal and family expectations of mobile employees which are linked to important changes that come with expatriation.

– Optimise ROI of international mobility.

With the international mobility of employees, the human and personal dimension will merge into the professional sphere, bringing with it many questions:

  • How to manage personal and family factors?
  • How to hear and respond to specific expectations of each employee in an international environment?
  • How to manage the question of dual careers?


Since 2001, Expat Communication has been accompanying its clients in their international development by building innovative services for employees and their families.

Our mobility services offer  

  • HR Training
  • Advisory
  • Seminars