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For employees to be expatriated by their company is a strong sign of confidence. It’s a motivating challenge but also demanding. Carrying significant responsibility, the employee is confronted with a new environment, a foreign language, in a culture that may be destabilizing.

Cross cultural training is a factor in succeeding with this challenge.

It’s not enough however to decipher the stakes involved with taking on a post abroad, knowing how to resist the demand of immediate results, avoid burn out in a context entailing travel and jet lag.

To this is added the necessity to reorganize a personal life. How to recreate a social life if one leaves as a single? What is the impact of expatriation on the spouse and on the couple when one leaves as a family?

Upon return, studies show that a significant number of employees leave a company within the two years that follow their return. This waste of experience can be prevented with preparation from the beginning.

These are all difficulties that Expat Communication will accompany with the expertise and personal depth that characterizes our organization.

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