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Together, we care for EXPATS

Our values

Expat Communication WelcomingWELCOMING

Welcoming and respecting everyone  are strong values for expatriates, they are at the heart of our mission. The networks we animate are based on a spirit of mutual support. We are constantly listening to expatriates and to our clients.

idea bleuCREATIVE 

Openness is our trademark. It drives us to constantly renew ourselves. We have developed it by reinventing ourselves with each mutation and by discovering new cultures.

goals bleuAUDACIOUS 

Being expatriates taught us to constantly push our limits. And being adoucious makes us push ever further with our clients, our team and every person we support.


identifier plus bleuPRECISION 

It is an essential value when it comes to face the complexity of change and crisis. In our activities, precision drives us to flexibility, innovation and quality. Today, it is the essential value supporting our growth.


Expat Communication Realism


Beginning with what we have and make dreams come true but staying practical. Being able to tame the illusions created by change and big projects. Committing to our clients within our competences.


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