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Professional spouse support


Professional spouse support

Assessing skills and professional project when arriving abroad or in France

A tailored support in 3 phases to clarify the professional project and to provide a new professional dynamic when arriving abroad or in France.

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Expat spouses seeking employment abroad or in France.


  • To support spouses/partners in the conception of their professional projects and along during their job search abroad or in France.
  • To provide support to help candidates maintain a positive energy, innovate and get in touch.


1hr of free interview to approve the support and the choice of consultant

15h of meeting with our consultant spread  out during a 3-months period and divided in 3 key steps

  1. Assessment  of skills and competencies : analysis of achievements before expatriation, review of motivations, first trails regarding the definition of a project.
  2. Shaping the project : help regarding the update of communication tools (CVs, letters), targeting of means and scope of research.
  3. Implementation of the project : preparation for interviews, organization of job search, help with networking.

A phone follow-up during the 3 following months will also be provided.

Conférences carrière expatriationMETHOD

  • To provide individuals with the tools which are essential to the achievement of an efficient professional integration. A flexible method and spread-out meetings, which give the candidates enough space and time to reflect on the new situation they are facing.
  • A welcoming team and a powerful network which boost self-confidence and integration


“A real help which has allowed me to have a foot in the door after a long period of inactivity” Selvi, India

“A very well structured support which has given me enough space to breathe in-between meetings” Roberto, Brésil

“This phase of preparation and reflexion has allowed me to find a job in France that matches my profile and objectives” Julia, USA



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Béatrice Jullien 
Head of Coaching/Training Department