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Our accompaniment and support for change services for the  expatriates and  their family    :


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Our Approach

Since 2001, we have developed a specific methodology to support expatriates, helping them to set in motion their resources for coping with the transitions they undergo.

This approach is based on sharing experiences, listening, self-questioning, searching for ideas, solutions and contacts.

Our offer sits successfully between that of a consultant, a coach and an expert on international mobility.

The Transition: a delicate phase

Expatriation is not simply relocating, it implies uprooting and reinvention. The inherent challenges of moving are exacerbated by tight schedules, the demands of corporate performance, the expectations of co-workers and spouses and the reality of each country, alongside personal concerns.

To cope with this multitude of emotions and complex set of problems, personalized support is an essential tool.

Group Guidance Sessions

We favor smaller group training sessions, which sets us apart from most market players:
– Inter-company training for successful departure or return, and for HR,
– Group Job search program: Job Booster Cocoon.

The group dynamic helps create awareness through a mirror effect, to multiply networks and to benefit from the solidarity and momentum of the group.

Expatriated Coaches and consultants

All our certified coaches and consultants have been expatriated and have gone through the same stages as the people they accompany today. We do not subscribe to any specific certification. The defining factor is that all our coaches and consultants share the same values of empathy, expertise and kindness.

Our coaches and consultants are independently supervised and have received specific training by Corinne Tucoulat, founder of Expat Communication and guarantor of the quality of our advisors.

Academic studies and digital communities to strengthen support

Every two years we carry out baseline surveys on the impact of expatriation on couples and dual-careers. These surveys, which collect responses from more than 3,500 expatriates, allow us to adapt our services to the latest developments in international mobility.

Finally, we rely on our online communities to develop our customer network and help them find local contacts and information.

More than 10,000 expatriates regularly participate in our and groups on Facebook.

Magellan Circle and Datadock Certification

We are certified as high-performance service providers in the field of International Human Resources management following a rigorous procedure that includes a survey of our clients (which include most CAC40).

All our programs benefit from rigorous quality checks.
96% of course participants are very satisfied.
90% of participants in job search programs have implemented a project that satisfies them.

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