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The solidarity of the spouse/partner with respect to expatriation, the ability for the spouse/partner to develop fulfilling projects is essential for mobility success.

Since 2001 we have been supporting expatriate families, we know that preparation and support for spouses is one of the key factors for success.

Beyond the geographic changes, expatriation puts spouses in front of confusing issues.

Prior to their departure they are often professionally active, with an intense professional life, or a parent trying their best to meet career and family life challenges.

In all cases, they have a routine which is an important part of their identity.

Expatriation removes them from their daily life, opening an enormous field of discovery and possibility but at the same time shaking the fundamentals of their identity. Few of them have sufficient experience to anticipate these huge changes. Upon arrival and on their return, they find themselves confronted by crises that could easily be alleviated with the right support.

97% of spouses who have followed our training seminars are very satisfied or satisfied with the training. Importantly, after several years, 96% of them are ready to envisage a new expatriation.

Our services to facilitate transitions, personal and professional projects of spouses/partners