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Excel in your expatriation


Excel in your expatriation expat communication

Excel in  your expatriation :  Build your project to make the most out of your expatriation

It is essential to take a step back, assess the main aspects of this major life change, seek solutions and build a realistic and motivating action plan, all key aspects of a successful expatriation.

ask questionsFOR WHOM ?

For employees who will be expatriated as single or with families.

calendarWHEN ?

Before moving abroad.


  • measure the impact expatriation will have on personal, family and professional life
  • clarify and identify your project during the confusing period of transition
  • be aware of the inherent difficulties with expatriation
  • identify the expatriate’s strengths and motivation
  • get into gear through ideas research, solutions and contact searches


Personalized training within groups of maximum 6 people. Each participant works on a personal action plan with the support of other group members and trainers. Exercises vary between role-plays, practical advice, and filmed interviews, using as many examples as possible to meet the expectations and needs of participants and their personal concerns.


« A very interesting exchange of experiences, reassuring and important before leaving. » Louis, Beijing

« Very useful in many ways, I feel less lonely » Jane, Australia

« I am now aware of the difficulties and I leave with an action and a plan to make this move  a success » Pedro, Argentina

« I gained a comforting but realistic vision of expatriation which allowed me to reframe my expectations and wishes concerning this lifetime opportunity » Sidonie, Moscow

« Very interesting awareness-building experience » Martin, Abidjan

« I liked the questioning itself and the overall approach to expatriation » Myriam, Charlotte SC

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From  9am to 6pm

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Béatrice Jullien
Training and coaching network manager