Together, let's evaluate the reality of expatriation

Together with our partners, Expat Communication launches the Expatriation Barometer 2021. A series of surveys on the impact of international mobility on the life and career of expatriates at the time of Covid. Let's go for a fourth edition !

The needs in 2021 :

  1. Recent data
  2. Regular surveys
  3. A collective analysis of the results

Since 2014, our Expat Lab has been analyzing major trends in international mobility. This study is conducted worldwide, in English and French, regardless of the country of origin or expatriation. In 2021, we adapt our methodology to the volatility of the current context.

A new format, closer to reality

In this year still marked by the pandemic, our investigations are proving crucial. In a context of uncertainty and major changes, companies need to keep themselves informed in real time about the situation of expatriates on the ground. They need to constantly adapt their international mobility policies, compare their visions, maintain dialogue with expatriates. This is the mission of the Expatriation Barometer. 

For expatriates, it is important to make their voices heard, to be able to convey to companies, the media and public authorities the reality of their experience, strongly impacted by the current crisis....  

To meet these needs, the 2021 Expatriation Barometer becomes monthly, agile and collaborative.

  • MONTHLY : Each month, different themes will be treated and analyzed to reflect the situations expatriates are experiencing.
  • AGILE : the time between the launch of a topic and its restitution in the form of computer graphics will remain less than 6 weeks to meet the constraints of a highly volatile period. The questionnaires adopt a very short and easily accessible format.
  • COLLABORATIVE : with the creation of a board that brings together companies, service providers and experts in order to gain greater visibility. The first members of the Barometer are ADEO, Banque de France, SAGE and the agency CHOOSE PARIS REGION.

Each month, one theme is addressed

The relay will be ensured via our newsletters and social networks in a new insert: "The survey of the month". You will also find there each month the results of the previous survey in the form of computer graphics.  

Your participation is essential, thank you in advance for taking the time to answer. 

This month, we start with the topic

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Our surveys are carried out via online questionnaires (in French or English) distributed to our customers and partners at the beginning of each month.

They are intended for all people who have lived or are living an expatriation experience of more than one year or who have just returned from expatriation. To participate you must be over 18 years old.

To be part of our panel and be notified of upcoming surveys

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About Expat Communication 

Every day we accompany the employees and spouses of our clients, national and international companies. The studies and publications produced by our Expat Lab division are references in the field of international mobility. The international mobility experts of our training and coaching division accompany expatriates and impatriates from all over the world through training, coaching and online networks, at the beginning, during and upon return from expatriation. 

We also train HR managers and international mobility managers.

Board members

The first members of the Barometer are Adeo, Banque de France, Sage and the Agency Choose Paris Region.

Find out more !

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