The child in expatriation

Small expats are sponges, they adapt everywhere and are the big winners of mobility. But is this assessment always so clear-cut ?

From a young age, children can be particularly sensitive to the change of life that is expatriation. Leaving a familiar world to live in a foreign environment is not a trivial thing in a child's life.

  • How to accompany them in this new stage without upsetting them ?
  • How to confront them with this new life ?
  • What are the difficulties they have to face in their schooling ?

These are some of the questions we address in this major survey by Expat Communication's Expat Lab 2021, whose mission is to conduct benchmark studies on expatriates and international mobility.

With our partner, the Odyssey Group, a specialist in French education abroad, we will understand the evolution and impact of international mobility on the life, education and needs of expatriate children.

  • The questionnaires are accessible in French or English, as desired. This link is accessible from a computer, a tablet or a phone.
  • Duration of the questionnaire: about 10 minutes
  • The answers are anonymous. If you wish to receive the results directly and answer our future surveys, you will be redirected at the end of the questionnaire to a second link to guarantee the anonymity of your answers to our survey.

About Expat Communication

Every day, we support the employees and spouses of our clients, both national and international companies. The studies and publications produced by our Expat Lab are references in the field of international mobility. The international mobility experts of our Coach Academy division support expatriates and impatriates from all over the world through training, coaching and online networks, at the beginning, during and after the expatriation. Our offer for expatriate families includes orientation services, parenting workshops and marriage counseling.

About the Odyssey Group

As a private educational group, Odyssey specializes in French education abroad. Today, it brings together 7 state-approved schools in Europe, Africa and Asia that offer education in accordance with the French national education system.

The Odyssey group's schools welcome students from kindergarten to high school.