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Together, we care for EXPATS

Job Booster Cocoon – Expatriate spouses careers



Job search alongside an international group aimed at helping expatriate spouses find a job that gives meaning to their careers.   

A caring and motivating environment that helps direct and value what are often atypical career paths particularly  for  expatriate spouses.

ask questionsFOR WHOM

This service is for expatriate spouses arriving or returning to Paris, looking for work

targetOBJECTIVE   To support career changes and adjustments, helping job seekers promote the advantages of their international careers


a structured framework that feeds off team dynamics.

Based on sound scientific research taken from the largest survey ever conducted on expatriate spouses’ careers: Expat Communication Survey.

Teams of 8 to 10 people.

Group members focus on building their professional project, practical research, networking and co-development.

calendarWHEN :  Weekly meetings during 1 year max

locationWHERE : Paris since 2014 

registration bleuREGISTRATION :

Alix Carnot – Head of International Careers Dept.


100% of JBC participants in 2017 identified and implemented a project at the end of the program. All in an atmosphere of mutual help and benevolence.

The number of participants increased by 400% since 2014 and the average job search duration is 8.1 months.

JBC results

identifier plus bleuCONTRIBUTIONS :

The program contributions according to the participants :

  • Regain confidence in one’s ability to find a job
  • Improve transferability of one’s competences
  • Develop one’s network
  • Benefit from emotional and friendly support

For more information, contact:

and download the JBC booklet in english


« The JBC group is benevolent and not judgmental. Our issues, which didn’t make any sense to other Human Resource services, are perfectly understood here. »

« Thank you for your support and perseverance. You made my journey less lonely. »

« The group spirit was outstanding. Benevolent, creative, enabling each one of us to look deep into his resources. »

« This workshop requires real commitment. Participants take on their work seriously and report to the rest of the group their job search progression. »

« Long live JBC ! »