Welcome Career programs How to join the Coach Academy?
1st July 2020


1) Selection starting from your application file  
2) Certifying formation 
3) Synthesis of the training
4) Certification 
5) Access to the coaches digital platform 
6) Supervision


To have a valid coach certification or a validation of your experience
To have worked in career management or outplacement 
To be able to specify your specialization
To be able to justify the coaching hours that you have been providing 
To be able to coach in french and english fluently, (other languages are welcomed too)
You have been expatriated several times 
You know the steps linked to expatriation : you know where to find information linked to these problematics 
Benefit from a legal status to work in your country of residence 
Provide a coaching premices respecting the conditions of a good coaching excecution 

Send your file to Alix Carnot : coach.academy@expatcommunication.com with : 

- your professional coach certification 
- your resume 
- a cover letter 
- a copy of the professionnal status for the country you intend to coach in (auto-entrepreneur) 
- some client references 


Next coaching session on the 27th of November : limit registration date on the 20th of October 2019 ! 

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