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A team of coaches, established in 30 countries and integrating 8 nationalities.


Corinne Tucoulat
Corinne Tucoulat
Paris, France
French, expatriate in Abu Dhabi, Aberdeen, Bangkok.               Coaching languages : French

Senior coach, expert expat coaching, Gestalt life coach, trained in the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. Co-founder of Expat Communication, her passion is discovering the uniqueness of each person and  contributing to the development and accomplishment of both professional and personal projects.
E-mail : corinne.tucoulat@expatcoachacademy.com
Alix Carnot
Alix Carnot
Paris, France
French, expatriate in Melbourne, Barcelona and Rome.             Coaching languages : French, English, Spanish, Italian
Passionate about expatriate couples and their careers. Author of the book "Chéri(e) on s'expatrie". Alix has been an expatriate in 4 countries with her family. After a career in management and people development, she is the associate director of Expat Communication and creator of the Job Booster Cocoon.
E-mail : alix.carnot@expatcommunication.com
frederique de Grignard
Frédérique de Grignart
Paris, France
Belgian, expatriate in Sao Paolo, London and Paris.                         Coaching languages : French, English, Portuguese

A former HR director and certified professional coach, Frédérique is involved in international and career transitions as well as intercultural coaching. What drives her ? Helping others get to know themselves better and ti become aware of their resources to go further.
E-mail : frederique.degrignart@expatcoachacademy.com
nathalie Tirard
Nathalie Tirard
Paris area, France
French, expatriate in Switzerland and Atlanta (USA).                 Coaching languages : French, English

A graduate of ESCP, Nathalie has been a coach at Expat Communication for 10 years. She is a certified NVC trainer and Co-Active Coach.
E-mail : nathalie.tirard@expatcoachacademy.com
Véronique dubreucq
Véronique Dubreucq
Paris area, France
French, expatriate in Czech Republic and China.           Coaching languages : French, English, Czech

Véronique accompanies spouses returning from expatriation or spouses coming to France. She was an expatriate for 10 years in the Czech Republic and 3 years in China's Guangdong Province. She is also a recruitment specialist and understands companies’ expectations which allows her to prepare her coachees for interviews.
E-mail : veronique.dubreucq@expatcoachacademy.com
cecile vaugon
Cécile Vaugon
Paris, France
French, expatriate in Münich, Germany.                                     Coaching languages : French, English, German

Certified in individual and team coaching and an NLP Master Practitioner. Specialized in career and cultural transition coaching and in management & organizational coaching (individual and collective). Franco-German background and 15 years in large companies : HR/Talent development, Marketing/Events.
E-mail : cecile.vaugon@expatcoachacademy.com
cecile vaugon
Manuela Marquis
Paris, France
German, expatriate in Luxembourg,                                                Coaching languages : French, English, German
in England, Germany and France.      
Certified ICF professional coach. Bicultural Franco-German Coaching of managers and their teams in an international environment on the issues of communication and working better together, TeamBuilding & seminars, Professional orientation & Mobility.
E-mail : manuela.marquis@expatcoachacademy.com
cecile vaugon
Cécilia Kavanagh
Paris, France

French, expatriate in Canada,                                                Coaching languages : French, English, Portuguese
Brazil and Sweden.       
Certified professional coach, affiliated with ICF, she specializes in intercultural coaching, transition and career support for spouses. With a strong background in HR and international mobility management, she now uses her energy and skills to help people unleash their potential and put their talents to work.
E-mail : cecilia.kavanagh@expatcoachacademy.com
Delphine Renard
Delphine Renard
Paris, France
French, expatriate in the USA and Tunisia                                                Coaching languages : French, English      


Delphine is a certified professional coach, affiliated with the EMCC, and is involved in international mobility, international career transition coaching and intercultural intelligence development programs.Passionate about talent development, her career in HR has always been dedicated to supporting employees, managers and their teams. Her objective is to enable each person to draw on their resources, to amplify them in order to meet the challenges of change and to go beyond what seemed possible.                                                                                                                                        E-mail : delphine.renard@expatcoachacademy.com 

claire aladel
Claire Aladel
Aix-en-Provence, France
French, expatriate in Malaysia.                                                               Coaching languages : French, English.

An ICF certified coach, trained in the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach, Claire specializes in international transitions, career coaching for partners of expats, assistance in returning from expatriation and intercultural coaching. Since her expatriation in Malaysia, she is committed to supporting her clients towards more fulfillment, confidence, and success in their international adventures.
E-mail : claire.aladel@expatcoachacademy.com
juliette potin
Juliette Potin
Lyon, France
French, expatriate in the USA, Turkey and Italy.                       Coaching languages : French, English

A certified professional coach and NLP practitioner, Juliette was also a manager in the industrial sector for 14 years. She specializes in career coaching for partners of expats, both individually and in groups with the Job Booster Cocoon. She also specializes in preparing expats for the departure and return. Her passion: Turning fragility into strength and discomfort into a driving force.
E-mail : Juliette.potin@expatcoachacademy.com
clotilde boyer
Clotilde Boyer
Cherbourg, France
Expatriate in the United Arab Emirates.                                                       Coaching languages : French, English

Certified professional coach, affiliated with EMCC, Clotilde is trained in active listening, the creative approach, emotional coaching and is a certified practitioner of the TLP Profile (Talents Leadership Priorities). French expatriate for 2 years in Abu Dhabi, she has been working with young people and adults for 10 years in their professional transition and orientation phase, in France and internationally, notably through career coaching for expatriate employees and partners. Her motto : "Become who you are ! "
E-mail : clotilde.boyer@expatcoachacademy.com
sara gallinari
Sara Gallinari
Limoges, France
Italian, expatriate in France.                                      Coaching languages : Italian, English, and French

Italian and an expat in France, Sara is an expert in intercultural coaching. She trains people who are expats or working in a French-Italian environment. A graduate of the Dauphine intercultural master's program, she is also COF - Philippe Rosinski certified (2019). Sara teaches at ISIT.
E-mail : sara.gallinari@expatcoachacademy.com
Béatrice de Carpentier
Versailles, France
French expatriate living in New York, Thailand and Düsseldorf (Germany).     Coaching languages : French and English

Marriage and family counselor, author of a thesis on expat couples. After 6 years in Telecom Marketing, she now devotes herself to working with individuals and couples going through difficulties in their marital, parental and family life. Her desire : through attentive and caring listening, that each person discovers the best him or herself – and a way to better understand and accept others.
E-mail : beatrice.decarpentier@expatcoachacademy.com
sara gallinari
Nadine Dumiot
Tours, France
French expatriate in Morocco and Kenya                                     Coaching languages : French and English

An engineer by training, Nadine has worked for 15 years in management and general management positions abroad. She is a professional coach in companies, specializing in intercultural issues (COF certified - MasterClass P.Rosinsky 2020). She works with employees in their managerial assignments abroad and also upon their return. Affiliated with ICF. 
E-mail : nadine.dumiot@expatcoachacademy.com 


veronica de la fuente
Verónica de la Fuente
Geneva, Switzerland
Expatriate in São Paulo and Geneva.                  Coaching languages : Spanish, English, French, Portuguese

Senior ICF accredited coach, trained by Integrate Coaching Institute in Brazil. Expert in intercultural coaching and working with managers and teams in the development of intercultural intelligence. Specialist in diversity and inclusion practices in companies. Certified in COF, NLP, Constellations and Systemic Coaching. 15 years of experience in the financial sector
E-mail : veronica.delafuente@expatcoachacademy.com
Hélène Thierry
Lausanne, Switzerland

Expatriate in Switzerland.                  Coaching languages : French, English

Is being professionally active part of your balance as an expat ? As a professional development coach, my goal is to help you (re)find your professional dynamics during and after your expatriation. Turn your adventure into a professional opportunity !
E-mail : helene.thierry@expatcoachacademy.com
Hélène Cuney
Munich, Germany

French, expatriate in Switzerland and Germany.                   Coaching languages : French, English, German

Hélène is a graduate of the ESSEC business school and has been living in Germany for 10 years. She is a certified professional coach at the ICI in Geneva. She works with people moving to Germany. Specialties: job search, business creation, career coaching for partners of expats, Job Booster Cocoon.
E-mail : helene.cuney@expatcoachacademy.com
Christophe Lascor
Tiblissi, Géorgia

French, expatriate in Ireland, Turkey and Georgia.                Coaching languages : French, English, Spanish

Christophe Lascor is a certified Silver Coach with the Money Coaching Institute. When he is not coaching expats and entrepreneurs, this veteran hiker and rugby enthusiast is learning Esperanto and Turkish.
E-mail : chris.lascor@expatcoachacademy.com
Pascale Leroy
Maylis Hauret
Madrid, Spain
French, expatriate in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Spain         Coaching languages : French, English, Spanish

Maylis Hauret is a certified coach from the Haute Ecole de Coaching de Paris specializing in career assistance for expatriate spouses as well as assistance upon return from expatriation.
E-mail : maylis.hauret@expatcoachacademy.com
Camille Chevallier Jorcin
London, United Kingdom

French, expatriate in London                Coaching languages : French, English                                                                                     

Passionate about intercultural issues, Camille is a certified professional coach from the International Coaching Institute of Geneva and a member of the International Coach Federation. Camille has more than 20 years of experience in corporate communication within international organizations. She is a certified MBTI and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and specializes in cross-cultural management, international transition, career support for expatriate spouses, entrepreneurship and high potential.
E-mail : camille.chevallier@expatcoachacademy.com
veronica de la fuente
Sandrine Gelin-Lamrani
Istanbul, Turkey
French, expatriate in Munich, London, Casablanca, Istanbul.  .                  Coaching languages : French and English

Desire to create, connect and contribute as an international serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. Sandrine has published numerous books on professional effectiveness in France (Eyrolles). An ICF certified coach (ACC) and member of the Swiss chapter of the ICF, a certified NLP practitioner and CLEEN brief coaching approach, a member of the Mindsetmaps International coaching faculty, and an international consultant certified in the Innermetrix psychometric assessment tool. Sandrine accompanies her clients in their transition, evolution, and innovation paths (career, entrepreneurship, interculturality & global mobility). 
E-mail : sandrine.gelin-lamrani@expatcoachacademy.com


Béatrice Roby
Béatrice Roby
Bamako, Mali
Expatriate in the USA, Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Burundi and Mali.             Coaching languages : French

Currently undergoing ACC certification with ICF, Beatrice works on international programs with international organizations (USAID) in French-speaking Africa and locally with women entrepreneurs and people in professional transition. Certified expat coach in 2021, she is specialized in international mobility, international career transition coaching and intercultural intelligence development programs.

E-mail : beatrice.roby@expatcoachacademy.com



Sixtine Gonthier
Liesbeth Huysmans
New York, USA
Belgian, expatriate in Vienna, Paris and now in New York.                    Coaching languages : English, French, Dutch and German.

As an experienced expatriate and certified Erickson Solution Focused Coach (PCC competence level), Liesbeth empowers expatriates and their spouses, helping them to reconnect with themselves during the turbulent times of a relocation, in order to find the clarity and confidence needed to thrive in their professional and personal lives.
E-mail : liesbeth.huysmans@expatcoachacademy.com
Sixtine Gonthier
Sixtine Gontier
Saratoga, Californie, USA
French, expatriate in Scotland and the USA.                    Coaching languages : French, English

TI, ICF, ALC and Coach Academy certified coach, trained in brief therapy from the Palo Alto School, specialized in career transition and coaching for 15-25 year olds, passionate about tennis and living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
E-mail : sixtine.gontier@expatcoachacademy.com
Yoko deneville
Yuko Deneuville
Melbourne, FL, USA
expatriate in Japan, England, China and USA.                  Coaching languages : French, English, Japanese, Spanish

Certified Coach (CPC) by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) in the USA. Her specialties: Intercultural management, international transition, career assistance for expatriate spouses.
E-mail : yuko.deneuville@expatcoachacademy.com
Anne Caillat
Anne Caillat
Santa Clara, CA, USA

French, expatriate in Chile and USA.

Coaching languages : French, English, Spanish.

Certified Expat Communication Coach Academy, co-founder and facilitator of Job Booster Cocoon San Francisco. She has 10 years of experience in change management, group facilitation and management coaching. Anne has been living in California for 3 years. Her specialties: Intercultural management, international transition, career support for expatriate spouses.
E-mail : anne.caillat@expatcoachacademy.com
Celine Dejean
Céline Déjean
Atlanta, USA
French expatriate in the USA, Russia and Canada
Coaching languages : French, English

Certified expat coach in 2020 specialized in international mobility and international career transition coaching.  
E-mail : Celine.dejean@expatcoachacademy.com  
Pascale Leroy
Pascale Liroy
Buenos Aires, Argentina
French, expatriate in Argentina, Czech Republic,
Panama, United Kingdom and Uruguay.                                          Coaching languages : French, English, Spanish.

Specialist in international career coaching. Certified Coach Nova Terra School in Belgium (ICF PCC level), MBTI in England and Systemic Coaching certification in Argentina (in progress).
E-mail : pascale.liroy@expatcoachacademy.com
claire aladel
Peggy Velasquez
Bogotá, Colombia
French, expatriate in Morocco, Guadeloupe, England, USA, Colombia, Cuba and Martinique.  Coaching languages : French, Spanish and English

Certified professional coach, specialized in neuroscience. She works with clients on transition periods, career coaching for partners of expats, getting back to work and self-confidence. Passionate about sports, she strives to help each person (re)discover his or her uniqueness.
E-mail : peggy.velasquez@expatcoachacademy.com


Jeanine Over de Linden
Dubaï, United Arab Emirates
French, expatriate in Dubai.                  Coaching languages : French, English

From business to HR consultant and senior coach, Jeanine is involved in multicultural team coaching, training and career and expatriation coaching. She is a certified HEC coach and Expat Coach Academy, Job Booster Cocoon, NLP, emotional intelligence, MBTI. Her passion: intercultural and intergenerational themes.
E-mail : jeanine.overdelindenbucquet@expatcoachacademy.com
Marie-Dominique Quignon
Riyad, Saudi Arabia
French, expatriate in the USA and Saudi Arabia.                                          Coaching languages : French, English

Certified professional coach (iPEC-USA), specialized in leadership development and professional transitions, in particular career coaching for partners of expats, Job Booster Cocoon. 30 years of experience in managing innovation and R&D teams in the industry.
E-mail :  md.quignon@expatcoachacademy.com


Béatrice Viasnoff
French, expatriate in England, USA and Singapore.                                         Coaching languages : French, English.

A certified Neuro-leadership Group coach, Béatrice is also trained in Emergenetics psychometric tool. She is an NLP Master and trained in brief therapy, systemic and interactional approach of the Palo Alto school. She has 10 years of experience in group facilitation and cohesion, management coaching,career transition and youth orientation. Her motto: "The greatest good we can do for others is not to communicate our wealth to them, but to reveal theirs" Louis Lavelle.
E-mail :  beatrice.viasnoff@expatcoachacademy.com
Clotilde Vassal
Shanghai, China
French, expatriate in China and Japan                                       Coaching languages : French and English

An ICF certified coach with many years of experience in Asia, from Shanghai to Tokyo, Clotilde specializes in career transition coaching and working with expatriates.
E-mail :  clotilde.vassal@expatcoachacademy.com


Emmanuelle Fallourd
Perth, Australia
French, expatriate in Bangkok, Manila and Perth.                                         Coaching languages : French, English.

Combining her business school education (EDHEC), her international professional experiences and her passion for well-being and energy (Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner), Emmanuelle is a certified life and professional coach (ICF, Barrett Values Center) specialized in self-alignment for deep professional and personal fulfillment.
E-mail :  emmanuelle.fallourd@expatcoachacademy.com