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This coaching is designed for expatriates to help them adopt a job search posture adapted to the target countries, identify and put into practice a new strategy for success and mobilize their energy effectively.

Objectives of the training

  • Work on posture : the coach accompanies the employee in the process. He helps him adjust his job search posture
  • Taking a step back : clarifying one's objectives, structuring one's thoughts, supporting one's reflections in the search for a new professional project
  • Unfold your action plan with the regular support of the coach
  • Take stock of one's professional achievements, align with one's personal sphere, enhance one's international experiences and work on the transferability of skills.
  • Implement a search strategy: help from the coach to define a motivating and realistic project to implement


Coaching sessions: 30 hours, adjustable over 3 to 12 months.

  • Evaluation of the situation during a 30-minute discovery session: definition of a support program by you and the coaches.
  • Individual interviews with an HR coach or a local job search expert consultant
  • Expat Communication Coach Academy digital platform: secure coaching space, including videos, tutorials, over 40 personal development and outplacement tools and a shared workspace with the coach.
  • Role-playing and role-playing to control the impact of the interview speech
  • Use of intercultural coaching tools to develop and enhance intercultural skills.

Added value

  • Reference programs for international job search
  • Pioneer in intercultural coaching
  • A large global network of coaches and over 30,000 expatriates.
  • A digital coaching platform with over 50 tools.
  • A human, friendly and pragmatic approach
  • Expat Communication's expertise in international mobility and expatriate career support.


  • The training can be done face-to-face in Paris in our offices,
  • Anywhere in the world online thanks to our digital platform
  • In person with the coach in one of the cities where our Coach Academy is located


  • Expat Communication accompanies employees, spouses and entrepreneurs for a successful expatriation all over the world, discover all our offers.
  • And if you're not sure: Star with a breakthrough session with one of our coaches ?

To define the support that suits you and to think about the different financing of this program, contact Catherine Duvauchelle, Office Manager at Expat Communication. 

Phone : +33 (0)1 42 36 91 91