• Group session
  • 2 hours
  • Face to face
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A 2-hour workshop, essential to live your return with serenity and to facilitate your adaptation to your return.
The workshops are adapted to the age of the participants: groups for children from 7 to 11 years old and for teenagers from 11 to 18 years old. 

Training goals

  • Realize what a return from expatriation represents emotionally and materially,
  • Expressing questions, concerns, motivations,
  • Dialogue with other young people in the same situation and the coach in order to feel reassured and understood,
  • To treat his return, to diagnose the behaviors conducive to a good adaptation in order to better live this stage.


  • Direct contact between the company and the Expat Communication consultant for parents.
  • Sending out a preliminary questionnaire to refine the expectations of the child and his parents.
  • Choice of a coach from our Coach Academy according to the child's expectations, localization and language.
  • Planning, organization and execution of the internship
  • Back to quality

Service available in 8 languages.


The work is done by alternating exchanges (group of 6 young people maximum),
personal questioning,
Practical advice, referring as much as possible to the expectations and needs of young people and their personal concerns.

Working tools

The documents distributed: a binder adapted to each age group with the steps of the workshop to be kept as a guideline.

Added value

All coaches at Expat Communication's Coach Academy are selected, trained, certified and supervised at the end of a multi-week program. They benefit from continuous training and work as a team. This is our main guarantee to ensure the quality of our programs.

20 years of expertise in international mobility through the personal experience of our coaches and collaborators, as well as the surveys of our Expat Lab.


"It feels good to talk to someone who has also experienced the return" Charles 13 years old, back from Japan
"I feel super offbeat, I understand that this is normal. It reassured me and I leave with ideas to better adapt myself " Marie 15 years old, back from Congo

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