• Personalized coaching
  • One day
  • Face to face

This coaching aims at developing the “cross-cultural intelligence” of expatriates, to ease their integration to a new cultural environment.
This program is very different from classic trainings addressing intercultural challenges. It favors a better approach connecting with others, based on the study of each individual background. The idea is first to become aware of your personal set of values, and to be able to perceive the cultural subtleties of a new environment.
Through concrete case studies, we then train our participants to develop their ability to better communicate and interact with others in the long run

Training goals

  • Raising awareness on and developing intercultural intelligence
  • Understanding various and new ways to view the world and the host country of your assignment
  • Building strategies for cultural integration
  • Facilitating the adaptation to a new specific culture


  • Discussions on intercultural understanding and intelligence
  • Becoming aware of other cultures - and of your own, using the Cultural Detective © on line tool.
  • The sharing of expériences with a representative of another country and culture
  • Focusing on the cultures specific to the participant and his or her project, drawing on a general approach
  • Questionning and reviewing : case studies. 

Working tools

  • Information sheets
  • Bibliography
  • Cultural Detective ©
  • Images and videos

Added value

  • A methodology that adapts to the experience and needs of the participant
  • The understanding of others in their nuances and complexity
  • The building of a common language for the couple / the family
  • Durable learning

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