• Group session
  • 34 hours
  • Face to face or remote

The program is available online worldwide and on-site in 10 cities.

The Job Booster Cocoon is a collective program that boosts the expatriate spouses' return to the workplace and facilitates their social integration.
It is aimed at expatriate spouses, on expatriation or on their return, who have a professional objective, whether clearly defined or still under consideration.

Duration of the program: 4-month intensive formula extended by two quarters of follow-up.

Training goals

  • Find a job or start one's own business.
  • Define a realistic and motivating professional project.
  • Master job search techniques (CV, cover letter, job interview, network, market analysis...).
  • Mutual help to maintain energy and determination. To socialize in a supportive group



Two workshops per week during 4 months.

7 modules of 4 to 6 workshops to cover all skills assessment and job search techniques.
Facilitated alternately by two coaches.
Group of 6 people online and 8 people on-site.
Languages: French and/or English.


  • Reflection on the different components of the professional project and the various alternatives (employment, entrepreneurship, volunteer work or return to training).
  • Strong emphasis on networking and market surveys, search for mentors, network development, increased visibility.
  • All this in a warm and kind atmosphere.

Working tools

  • Tools, tutorials and videos from our Coach Academy and gathered in our digital coaching platform.
  • Surveys from our Expat Lab on expatriates' careers (more than 7,000 responses to each wave)
  • The mutual help of a community of more than 30 000 members within the Expat Communication network

Importance of digital          

Thanks to the launch of our Expat Communication Coach Academy, and to respond to the needs related to the health crisis, the Job Booster Cocoon has been profoundly rethought.

It has been restructured into 7 new modules, each designed by a specialized coach. Two phases follow one another : during 4 months, an intensive coaching twice a week allows the group to make a skills assessment and to define a project. Then a weekly follow-up of 6 months allows to follow the coachees during their job search. 

But most importantly, the program now takes place in videoconference, or in person. It is accessible anywhere in the world. Two coaches take it in turns to lead each of the modules, with the occasional support of experts for the most technical subjects. The coaching platform provides access to tutorials, videos, and online exercises. The work between sessions is intense and very structured.

Added value

  • All the coaches of the Expat Communication Coach Academy are trained, certified and supervised at the end of a demanding selection program. They benefit from continuous training and they work as a team. This is our main guarantee to ensure the quality of our programs.
  • 20 years of expertise in international mobility through the personal experience of our coaches and collaborators, as well as the surveys of our Expat Lab.


"Before the Job Booster Cocoon, it seemed like all the doors were closed, I was discouraged and thought about leaving. I regained my self-confidence and my entrepreneurial spirit" Karen, French, in Munich.

"I had completely lost contact with the French market. The program allowed me to rebuild a solid and realistic project! "Maxime, French, repatriated.

"During the lockdown, the Cocoon Job Booster was my only contact with the outside world !" Marina, Mexican, in Paris


Key figures

Average length of time to return to work : 7 months. After one year 100% of the members have a situation that suits them :

  •  A salaried position (47%)

  • Business creation (38%)

  • Resumption of training (8%)


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