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  • 7 hours
  • Face to face or remote

Normally, the return is the most critical period of expatriation. The stakes are multiple. It is as much about finding a new position as it is about (re)integrating into the head office. Many employees suffer from a lack of recognition, a drop in motivation and difficulties in reviving their network. In addition to these professional challenges, there are many personal and administrative issues.

In times of crisis, this phase is even more critical because for many expatriates, the return is coupled with many uncertainties: when will the return take place? under what conditions? what are the available positions? will a position be available? what should my role be in preparing my return?

Expat Communication's return coaching, in conjunction with the company's HR department, supports the employee during this phase.

Training goals

  • Individual coaching allows the employee to anticipate this step and to be an actor of his professional and personal reintegration.
  • Identify the difficulties and challenges to be taken up: career strategy, employability, job market, key factors for a successful return.
  • Valuing one's experience abroad, one's new skills and assets.
  • To be accompanied in the case of a possible internal or external job search: skills assessment, networking, improvement of interview techniques, CV, pitch and Linkedin profile.
  • Finding your feet to integrate well in your new position.
  • Develop and implement an action plan


  • Direct contact of the expatriate by the company with the Expat Communication consultant.
  • Sending of a preliminary questionnaire to refine the expatriate's expectations
  • Choice of a coach within our Coach Academy according to the expatriate's expectations, localization and language. For this program, we favor coaches with HR experience in the company.
  • Planning, organization and implementation of coaching
  • Sending of the evaluation form. 

Service available in 8 languages.

Working tools

The work alternates exchanges, personal questioning, pedagogical tools and filmed testimonies. 
These documents allow to work on the following axes:

  • Professional and personal motivations and interests
  • Orientation, Change and Career Planning

Access to our digital platform Expat Communication Coach Academy : secure remote coaching space, including videos, HR tutorials and a shared workspace with the coach.

Added value

Pedagogical and practical information sheets 

  • Annual membership to Expat Communication's Club Expat Premium with over 300 exclusive articles and videos on expatriation and unlimited workshops
  • Book "Chéri(e) on s'expatrie" or guide "L'essentiel de l'expatriation" offered
  • All coaches at Expat Communication's Coach Academy are selected, trained, certified and supervised at the end of a multi-week program. They benefit from continuous training and work as a team.

20 years of expertise in international mobility through the personal experience of our coaches and collaborators, as well as the surveys of our Expat Lab.


"I felt lost and very out of step with the seat. This coaching gave me back my confidence and allowed me to position myself much more clearly vis-à-vis my colleagues and the hierarchy and today I feel more comfortable in my job".   

François, back from SCHENZEN

"I was at a turning point in my career and HR had made me realize that my involvement would be key to finding a position at headquarters. With the help of the coach, I conducted a real internal job search. I defined a strategy, improved my tools and I felt confident".

Luc, back from MEXICO

Key figures

According to the Expat Communication / CFE 2019 barometer, 3/4 of expatriates believe that returning home is at least as difficult as leaving on expatriation. 40¨% of returning employees feel that their expatriation is not valued, 30% suffer from a lack of recognition.

After a "successful return" coaching session, 100% of employees feel sufficiently informed about the HR challenges of the return. 90% feel confident to tackle the return.

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