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2019 survey : all the reasons to complete it !


2019 survey : impact of international mobility on the life and career of expatriates.

International mobility follows the trend of globalization. An estimated 244 million people (2015) live outside their country of origin worldwide. Among which around 2.5 million French people.

Every two years, Expat Communication organizes a survey in collaboration with the CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Etranger) and loyal partner companies, as well as the media and government institutions.

The goal? Better understand expatriates, their lives and careers. But also to be able to get a concrete idea of what expatriates are going through, to understand the influence of expatriation on their lives and careers, to inform and share a more accurate image of expatriation (especially to the media).

Get to know the expatriates better and become aware of their diversity

Today, international mobility has many faces. All expatriates are different and while their experiences may seem similar, this is far from being the case.

It is crucial for us to get to know them better and to collect concrete data on the impact of international mobility on the lives and careers of expatriates. This data will enable us to continue to accompany them during the various periods of their expatriation.

Together, let’s share the reality of expatriation !

The truth about the expatriation challenges

This survey also aims to highlight the challenges faced by expatriates. Before, during, or after returning from expatriation, it is necessary to adapt at each stage and we need to know how they do it! Identifying the challenges encountered is the first step in solving them.

Together, let’s identify the challenges of expatriation!

Understanding trends over time

Expat Communication and the CFE and their partners organise a survey every two years to understand the evolution and trends of international mobility.

To better provide guidance to expatriates, we must be able to anticipate their challenges.

This is why collecting results at a large scale and at regular intervals is essential to be able to properly understand the challenges and trends related to expatriation and thus remain as close as possible to expatriates.

Together, let’s make the life of expatriates better !

Who can complete the survey?

The 2019 survey : impact of international mobility on the life and career of expatriates conducted by Expat Communication and the CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Etranger) is for anyone who live or lived abroad, whatever their nationality and their professionnal and personnal status.


This survey is designed by Expat Communication, with the support of researchers from American and European universities, coordinated by Professor Olivier Wurtz, a research professor at the Universities of Vaasa, ESCP and Arts et Métiers.

The survey is shared on Expat Communication et its social media, as well as on the FemmExpat and ExpatValue websites and their social media.

It is also published on the websites of our sponsors and various partners, but we are counting on YOU to share it with everyone around you.

The more answers we get, the more legitimacy the survey will gain and the more tangible data will be collected on the issues related to international mobility.

So don’t wait any longer and answer the survey in 15 minutes (also available in French)

We would like to thank our sponsors, your contribution made this survey possible

Thank you to our partners, helping with the broadcast of the survey

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